CMD Fibertex is a fully owned subsidiary of Compañía Mexicana de Desierto S.A. de C.V. It was specifically created to service the needs of our customers in the US and Canada. Today, CMD Fibertex allows us to have a closer relationship withour customers to fully understand their needs and provide specific solutions so they can remain competitive.

Compañía Mexicana del Desierto was established in Matehuala, Mexico in the heart of Tampico fiber country. From its beginning in 1994, the founder Juan Carlos Salazar wanted to offer Tampico fibers at a competitive price to the brush industry. His vision in the industry allowed the market to evolve to a new environment of competitiveness, setting a higher standard of service and quality.

As result of the constant efforts in evolving with the vegetable fiber market, we have development new technologies to offer a wider variety of products to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.